Spring 2019 Newsletter

Spring 2019 Newsletter

MALT Acquires Sacramento Creek Ranch

Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT) has recently acquired the land and assets of Beaver Ponds Environmental Education Center (BPEEC), a 70 acre property located near Fairplay, Colorado on Sacramento Creek and bordering the Pike National Forest. Moving forward the property will be known as Sacramento Creek Ranch and managed by MALT.

MALT has had a long relationship with the founders of BPEEC, Al and Terry Hershey, and has worked collaboratively with staff at the center since 2014. Together they have partnered on many projects to protect and enhance the natural resources of the South Park National Heritage Area. MALT looks forward to the next chapter as the organization embarks on a plan to fulfill its mission for land and water conservation, education and outreach, and establish a base in Park County for its operations.

Sacramento Creek Ranch is just minutes away from the Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area, a 92 acre property that was purchased by MALT in 2014. Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area is a dramatic and beautiful 500+acre expanse surrounded on three sides by public land near Fairplay, Colorado. Learn more about the Pika Trail and the high altitude research that has been conducted for over 45 years at Pennsylvania Mountain.

A Message from the Founders:

Dear Friends of Beaver Ponds:
As you may know, Beaver Ponds has been challenged financially since its inception. Without a clear path to financial stability, the Beaver Ponds Board of Directors has decided that it no longer has the financial capacity to continue operations. Beaver Ponds will cease operations on Friday, April 5, 2019.
It saddens us to realize that we are not able to carry on the work of educating people on how to be better stewards of the earth but take joy in knowing that Beaver Ponds has made a difference in many lives over the last 7 years.
But there is good news as well.

The Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT), a wonderful organization in Evergreen CO that Beaver Ponds has worked closely with over the last 5 years, will acquire the land and assets of Beaver Ponds and take over management of the property. They will protect the property and use the base as an outreach center for their conservation efforts. They will assess the programming that has been provided by Beaver Ponds in the past and determine whether they will launch some of the same programs sometime in the future.

The Beaver Ponds property will become known as Sacramento Creek Ranch. (Beaver Ponds was always technically known as Beaver Ponds at Sacramento Creek Ranch so we are delighted that MALT has decided to use the ranch name.)

We cannot thank you enough for the support you have given us over the years. And look forward to MALT sharing more good things happening at the property as MALT and its outstanding staff write the next chapter.

With much gratitude,
Al and Terry Hershey

Learn more about Sacramento Creek Ranch

MALT Launches Capital Campaign

In 2018 with the unanimous support of its Board of Directors, MALT began a search for a permanent headquarters in Evergreen. After considerable discussion and careful financial analysis, the board decided that owning a home is critical to MALT’s long term success and sustainability. The organization is purchasing an office condominium unit in the “Nob Hill” building located near I-70 and Evergreen Parkway.

The acquisition ensures MALT has the resources to fulfill its mission, will generate direct annual savings of more than $3,000 in the first year, protects MALT against rising leasing costs over time, and guarantees an appreciating asset with a return on investment of approximately 4% per year.
This purchase will solidify MALT’s position as a regional center for land and water conservation and a valuable community asset, while also ensuring organizational sustainability.

Help us to ensure that our beautiful mountains, streams and rivers and historic lands are protected in perpetuity. Contact MALT Development Director Lynn Caligiuri at Lynn@Savetheland.org or Board Member and Capital Campaign Chair Rod Morgan at RMorgan@PortMorgan.com for more details on how you can support MALT’s ownership of a permanent home.

Together we can leave a legacy!

Monitoring Water Quality in MALT’s Service Area

MALT is excited to announce the expansion of a water quality monitoring program, previously featured in the Fall 2018 newsletter. To expand the program, MALT has partnered with a team of graduate students from the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Denver. The students will sample for invertebrate species that indicate the overall health of the stream, providing baseline water quality information for approximately 30 locations. The selected sampling sites include locations on public land, MALT-owned properties, and private properties with Conservation Easements, and will provide critical information that can guide the long-term stewardship of MALT’s conservation portfolio

Save the Date! A Night in the Park – July 13, 2019

For the third year, former Denver Bronco and author, Reggie Riverswill once again bring his special brand of excitement and energy to A Night in the Park! Reggie will serve as MALT’s evening emcee and auctioneer so put July 13th on your calendar today and plan to join us to celebrate land and water conservation!

Thank you to our Business Sponsors who support Land and Water Conservation.