Spring 2015 Newsletter

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Trail Building at Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area
Help MALT build a trail
MALT is partnering with the Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) and other organizations to design and build a trail at the Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area this summer. Over a two-day weekend, June 27 – 28th, volunteers will be working on constructing a one-mile trail across MALT’s property. We will be posting details on how you can be involved on our Facebook page and on our website, www.savetheland.org/pennsylvania-mtn Plan to join us for this fun and important work.

Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area is a dramatic and beautiful 500+acre area surrounded on three sides by public land near Fairplay, Colorado. In 2013, with the generous support of the community, MALT purchased 92 critical acres as part of a multiphase project. This effort ensures the ongoing scientific research conducted by more than a hundred scientists for over 37 years – one of the longest term alpine research sites in the country.

Pending Legislation to Increase Incentives for Land Conservation Agreements
MALT supports SB206
A pending bipartisan Colorado Senate Bill 206 which was introduced in the Senate on March 11, 2015 would create larger tax credits for buyers. The bill would allow a landowner to earn up to $1.5M in Colorado tax credits in a single year, which is a significant increase from the previous $375,000 maximum tax credit. This potential increase would help to conserve even more of Colorado’s natural areas.

MALT has written a letter of support to the Honorable Representative Jon Keyser who is a House co-sponsor. The bill currently has bipartisan sponsorship from Sen. Ellen Roberts (R-Durango) and Sen. Mary Hodge (D-Brighton). House co-sponsors are Rep. Alec Garnett (D-Denver) and Rep. Jon Keyser (R-Evergreen). Click here to read the actual bill.

Lower North Fork Fire Update
MALT begins fire restoration process
Two of MALT’s Land Conservation Agreements were impacted by the Lower North Fork fire in March 2012. One landowner lost their home and nearly 99% of their property was burned. Approximately 75% of the second Land Conservation Agreement was also impacted by the fire. In April 2014, damages were awarded to MALT for both Land Conservation Agreements from the State of Colorado.

MALT has been working on the restoration process which involves scoping, planning, implementation and monitoring the impacted areas. MALT’s land team has had conversations with Jefferson County Conservation District to discuss their initial findings and recommendations. They have also consulted with fire rehabilitations experts and reviewed current scientific literature on techniques and methods. This spring in coordination with the landowners, the land team will be conducting field evaluations on-site to determine areas that will need vegetative rehabilitation and soil stabilization. MALT will be working to restore the conservation values to both properties. If you are interested in volunteering for this project, contact MALT at malt@savetheland.org

Meet MALT Intern – Jackie Daoust
Winter Intern provides valuable assistance
Jackie Daoust, MALT’s Winter Intern, has been helping out on various projects since last October. Jackie moved from New England last year and lives in North Evergreen. Jackie is nothing but enthusiastic when she speaks of her experience at MALT. “I am working with people and land in the community I lived in. Creating change on a local level with long-term effects for the place you hope to call home for many years to come is priceless. I was immediately giving back and able to say ‘thank you’ to the community that so quickly accepted me. I can only hope to continue such meaningful work.”

Jackie holds a BS in Integrated Science from Johnson State College and a MSL from Vermont Law School in Environmental Law and Policy. In college, she completed a variety of environmental research projects while living in places such as Belize, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and the Greek Islands. Jackie has dabbled in working for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection in the Drinking Water Department, splashed around at being an outreach coordinator and environmental specialist for a few small non-profits, and has even dipped her toes in solar PV sales. She is fully immersed in her first love, volunteer work, ranging from Habitat for Humanity to sea turtle research to land conservation boards. She recently adopted her first dog, Daryl Hall, and is enjoying her first ski season out West.