Sacramento Creek Ranch

Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT) acquired the land and assets of Sacramento Creek Ranch (SCR) in August of 2019, a 71-acre property consisting of forest and wetlands, ranch house, greenhouse, barn, nature trails and camping area located in Fairplay, Colorado. The Park County community, outdoor recreation enthusiasts, visitors and the scientific research community all benefit from MALT’s efforts to preserve, study and enhance the recreational opportunities and biological diversity SCR offers.

SCR was founded in 2014 by Al and Terry Hershey and was formerly known as the Beaver Ponds Environmental Education Center (BPEEC). MALT and the Hershey’s look forward to the next chapter, as MALT uses SCR as a base of operations in Park County to support the organization’s land and water conservation efforts, provides access to public trails, continues outdoor education programs and supports 45+ years of continuous high alpine research.

Sacramento Creek Ranch is just minutes away from MALT’s 92-acre property located at Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area. Learn more about the Pika Trail and the high altitude research that has been conducted there for over 45 years at Pennsylvania Mountain.

Terry and Al Hershey

Sacramento Creek Ranch Updates


2020: Trail Construction

Twenty-five volunteers from VOC kicked off the first of two project weekends on August 21st at Sacramento Creek Ranch to begin work constructing the new trail. A 1.5 mile Sacramento Creek loop trail already existed on the property. Over the weekends of August 21st and 28th volunteers donated 406 hours to build 1.5 miles of new trail through the woods. Learn more.

2019: Sacramento Creek Ranch Acquisition

In the spring of 2019, Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT) acquired the land and assets of Beaver Ponds Environmental Education Center (BPEEC), a 70 acre property located near Fairplay on Sacramento Creek and bordering the Pike National Forest. Moving forward the property will be known as Sacramento Creek Ranch and owned and managed by MALT, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

A Vision for Sacramento Creek Ranch

Provide a home base for MALT to have a presence in the Park County community.

Conserve and showcase Sacramento Creek Ranch.

Provide educational opportunities and establish partnerships with community organizations.

Utilize Sacramento Creek Ranch in connection with MALT’s property at Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area for high altitude research which has been ongoing for 45+ years.