Sacramento Creek Ranch

Sacramento Creek Ranch entranceSacramento Creek Ranch (SCR), owned and managed by Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT), is a 71-acre property consisting of ranch house, greenhouse, barn, yurt and miles of publicly accessible nature trails. MALT uses SCR as a base of operations, educational programming, public recreation and high alpine research.

Nature Trails
There are two nature loop trails on the property. Sacramento Creek Trail is 1.5 miles and loops around the creek, wetlands and beaver ponds. The Hershey Trail is a 1-mile loop through the forest and overlooks Pennsylvania Mountain. The trails are free and open for public use from dawn to dusk year-round.

Beaver Ponds & Wildlife
There are multiple beaver dams on the property – and if you are patient you might spot beavers swimming in the ponds or felling trees. Moose, mountain lion, elk, deer, foxes, birds and a resident Great Horned Owl are a few of the wildlife species often spotted in the area.

Outdoor Recreational and Educational Opportunities
SCR is a hub for outdoor recreation and learning opportunities. MALT welcomes pre-school, K-12, and college students to visit and explore the area through experiential learning. We partner with schools, universities and many organizations including South Park National Heritage Area and Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative.

High Altitude Research
MALT welcomes researchers, scientists, students and universities to leverage its facilities for high-altitude research. Some of the ongoing research includes climate change, moth migration patterns, water quality studies, dendrochronology, pollinators and more. SCR is minutes away from MALT’s 92-acre property located at Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area. Learn more about the Pika Trail and the high altitude research that has been continuously conducted there for over 45 years.

Renewable Energy Systems
SCR is powered by a multitude of renewable energy systems including wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower.

Land and Water Conservation
MALT works with private land owners and public agencies to conserve land and water in Park County and beyond – covering a 4,830 square mile service area.

Volunteering at SCR
MALT welcomes volunteers to help with trail maintenance, fire mitigation, high-altitude research, managing gardens and more.

In 2019 MALT acquired the land and assets of Sacramento Creek Ranch (SCR) from Terry and Al Hershey. Formerly known as the Beaver Ponds Environmental Education Center, this unique 71-acre property is located on the outskirts of Fairplay on CR-14.

To learn more about SCR, please contact Jeff Jordan at

Sacramento Creek Ranch
2234 Busch Run, Fairplay

  • Hike Nature Trails
  • Discover Beaver Dams & Wildlife
  • Enjoy Spectacular Views of the Mosquito Mountain Range

The nature trails are free and open to the public from dawn to dusk year-round.

If you are interested in renting spaces such as the barn, yurt, classroom or grounds for educational learning opportunities at SCR, please contact Jeff Jordan at

In 2023, MALT announced the expansion of outreach and education programs at SCR through the launch of the Jeanne Beaudry Conservation Legacy Fellowship. This new position allows MALT to expand its partnerships and outdoor educational opportunities, while also offering a stewardship-minded individual the chance to live at SCR and embark on a career focused on land and water conservation, stewardship and education.

We are pleased to announce Jeff Jordan is the first Conservation Legacy Fellow at SCR and is living and working full-time onsite. Stop by and say hi to Jeff!

Jeff Jordan and dog Lula

Conservation Legacy Fellow Jeff Jordan and his dog Lula.

Sacramento Creek Ranch Updates


2024 Activities

The Jeanne Beaudry Conservation Legacy Fellowship begins.

2023 Activities

Park County School District Student Workshops and Guided Tours
Birding Hikes and Workshops with Evergreen Audubon
Moth Black Light Demonstration with UCCS Researchers
Be A Citizen Scientist For A Day – Dendrochronology
Archaeology Study and Mapping
CSU Capstone Student Project for Water Quality Testing

2022: Bird Workshops

MALT partnered with Evergreen Audubon to host two bird identification and citizen science workshops with funding support from Cornell Land Trust Small Grant program and South Park National Heritage Area. Check out the Bird Monitoring Plan.

2022: Trail Completed

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, Women’s+ Chainsaw Crew and YouthCorps crews constructed and maintained bridges and completed trail work on Sacramento Creek Trail and Hershey Trail.

2022: Yurt Installation

“Terry’s Yurt” was installed in honor of one of the original owners, Terry Hershey.

2022: Windmill Repair

MALT supporters raised funds to repair the windmill, which provides electricity to an off-grid residence and barn.

2022: Adjacent Landowner Conservation Easements

Two adjacent landowners finalize Conservation Easements bringing the total acreage conserved in the Sacramento Creek Ranch region to 441 acres.

2021: Yurt Construction

Construction of a Yurt began with the installation of footers.

2021: Trail Construction

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado completed the second phase of trail building, which added a new loop of 1,000 feet bordering Pike National Forest. Women’s+ Chainsaw Crew also completed trail work. South Park National Heritage Area provided supportive funding.

2020: Trail Construction

Twenty-five volunteers from VOC kicked off the first of two project weekends on August 21st at Sacramento Creek Ranch to begin work constructing the new trail. A 1.5 mile Sacramento Creek loop trail already existed on the property. Over the weekends of August 21st and 28th volunteers donated 406 hours to build 1.5 miles of new trail through the woods. Learn more.

2019: Sacramento Creek Ranch Acquisition

In the spring of 2019, Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT) acquired the land and assets of Beaver Ponds Environmental Education Center (BPEEC), a 70 acre property located near Fairplay on Sacramento Creek and bordering the Pike National Forest. Moving forward the property will be known as Sacramento Creek Ranch and owned and managed by MALT, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

A Vision for Sacramento Creek Ranch

Provide a home base for MALT to have a presence in the Park County community.

Conserve and showcase Sacramento Creek Ranch.

Provide educational opportunities and establish partnerships with community organizations.

Utilize Sacramento Creek Ranch in connection with MALT’s property at Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area for high altitude research which has been ongoing for 45+ years.