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Sacramento Creek Ranch

News from Sacramento Creek Ranch - August 2020

Even with the challenges of Covid-19, new trail construction is still happening this summer! With safety protocols in place, MALT is partnering once again with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) to add a new trail at MALT's Sacramento Creek Ranch property. MALT acquired the land and assets of the ranch in 2019. Public trails are important to MALT's plan to utilize the property for education and outreach.

Twenty-five volunteers kicked off the first of three project weekends at Sacramento Creek Ranch to begin work constructing the new trail. A one mile loop trail already exists on the property. Over the first weekend, the volunteers built close to a half-mile in just two days! Crew Leader, Martin was happy to be out on the land over the weekend and shared that he was a volunteer on MALT’s Pika Trail building project a few years ago.

In 2015 and 2016, MALT partnered with VOC to build the Pika Trail at the Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area just minutes from Sacramento Creek Ranch. The Pika Trail, a unique alpine scenic and educational experience is located at an elevation of 11,500 feet and was MALT’s first collaborative project with VOC.  

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In the spring of 2019, Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT) acquired the land and assets of Beaver Ponds Environmental Education Center (BPEEC), a 70 acre property located near Fairplay on Sacramento Creek and bordering the Pike National Forest. Moving forward the property will be known as Sacramento Creek Ranch and owned and managed by MALT, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

MALT has had a long relationship with the founders of BPEEC, Al and Terry Hershey, and MALT has worked collaboratively with staff at the center since 2014. Together they have partnered on many projects to protect and enhance the natural resources of the South Park National Heritage Area. MALT looks forward to the next chapter as it embarks on a plan to fulfill its mission for land and water conservation, education and outreach, and establish a base in Park County for its operations.

Sacramento Creek Ranch is just minutes away from MALT's 92 acre property located at Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area. Learn more about the Pika Trail and the high altitude research that has been conducted there for over 45 years at Pennsylvania Mountain. 

A Message from the Founders:

Dear Friends of Beaver Ponds:

As you may know, Beaver Ponds has been challenged financially since its inception. Without a clear path to financial stability, the Beaver Ponds Board of Directors has decided that it no longer has the financial capacity to continue operations. Beaver Ponds will cease operations on Friday, April 5, 2019.

It saddens us to realize that we are not able to carry on the work of educating people on how to be better stewards of the earth but take joy in knowing that Beaver Ponds has made a difference in many lives over the last 7 years.

But there is good news as well.

The Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT), a wonderful organization in Evergreen CO that Beaver Ponds has worked closely with over the last 5 years, will acquire the land and assets of Beaver Ponds and take over management of the property. They will protect the property and use the base as an outreach center for their conservation efforts. They will assess the programming that has been provided by Beaver Ponds in the past and determine whether they will launch some of the same programs sometime in the future.

The Beaver Ponds property will become known as Sacramento Creek Ranch. (Beaver Ponds was always technically known as Beaver Ponds at Sacramento Creek Ranch so we are delighted that MALT has decided to use the ranch name.)

We cannot thank you enough for the support you have given us over the years. And look forward to MALT sharing more good things happening at the property as MALT and its outstanding staff write the next chapter.

With much gratitude,

Al and Terry Hershey

A Vision for Sacramento Creek Ranch

Provide a home base for MALT to have a presence in the Park County community.

Conserve and showcase Sacramento Creek Ranch. 

Provide educational opportunities and establish partnerships with community organizations. 

Utilize Sacramento Creek Ranch in connection with MALT’s property at Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area for high altitude research which has been ongoing for 45+ years.