New 12-Acre Conservation Easement in Sunshine Canyon, Boulder County

Sunshine Canyon in Boulder

New 12-Acre Conservation Easement in Sunshine Canyon, Boulder County

Mountain Area Land Trust is pleased to announce the completion of a voluntary private Conservation Easement in Boulder County with landowner Bruce Correll.

The 12-acre property is located west of Boulder along Sunshine Canyon Drive and is highly visible from the road. The property connects to open space owned by Boulder County and the Bureau of Land Management, and its conservation ensures that scenic views of the Bighorn Mountain Natural Landmark are permanently protected. The property is approximately ¼ mile from a nearby Conservation Easement that MALT completed over the summer.

The property is also recognized by Colorado Parks and Wildlife as habitat for many large mammals including mule deer, elk, black bear and mountain lion. Similar to the Fischer Conservation Easement that MALT facilitated, this property is specifically identified as winter range for elk and a summer concentration area for black bear.

The protection of these properties prevents any future development, helping to maintain the rural, mountain character of the Sunshine Canyon community. MALT’s Executive Director Jeanne Beaudry says, “MALT is excited to play a part in this community-driven project to limit development and save open spaces. We are grateful to the landowner for his commitment to land and water conservation in Boulder County.”