Neighbor-to-Neighbor Connections Key To Conserving Multiple Parcels Along Sacramento Creek

Sacramento Creek Ranch entrance

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Connections Key To Conserving Multiple Parcels Along Sacramento Creek

The actions and activities of a landowner can directly impact the productivity, enjoyment and value of the land. Conservation of any one property has invaluable positive impacts, but the combined efforts of multiple conservation-minded neighbors working together to protect a broader area magnifies those impacts.

Landowners along Sacramento Creek in Park County are a great example of neighbor-to-neighbor conservation efforts in a biologically diverse area that is a sanctuary for wildlife and endangered species like the Colorado Boreal toad. The stream that runs through this area supports a fragile ecosystem, and voluntary conservation agreements are key to ensuring this biologically diverse region is forever protected.

In 2017, Middlefork LLC placed over 100 acres in a Conservation Easement. This milestone inspired other neighbors to do the same. In 2020, three additional property owners conserved their land. Last year, two more neighbors placed Conservation Easements on their properties. To date, more than 440 acres have been conserved along Sacramento Creek, and MALT looks forward to working with additional landowners to join this movement. This acreage includes MALT-owned Sacramento Creek Ranch, which is also the organization’s satellite office.

“It can take multiple conversations and often years before someone takes steps to permanently conserve their land. Once a neighbor sees and hears another neighbor talking about their voluntary conservation agreement, it piques their neighbor’s interest in wanting to do the same thing. We really enjoy seeing neighbor-to-neighbor connections come to fruition,” MALT Deputy Director of Land and Water Conservation Christine Strickland said.

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