MALT Announces the Conservation of 404 Acres!

Forest overlook

MALT Announces the Conservation of 404 Acres!

Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT) is pleased to announce the closing of a Conservation Easement on 404 acres in Jefferson County in MALT’s Peak to Peak priority area.

Mt. Tom is the pinnacle of a dramatic landscape characterized by coniferous forests dominated by lodgepole pine, Ponderosa pine, and Douglas fir. For generations Mt. Tom has been known as a hotspot for ladybugs giving it the alternate name of “Ladybug Peak”. The ladybugs hatch in June and July such that the ground is orange underfoot. In addition to the ladybugs, the 404-acre property provides habitat and sanctuary for numerous wildlife species including deer, elk, bear, cougar, numerous small animals, and resident and migratory birds.

The property is in an area deemed to have high biodiversity significance by the Colorado Natural Heritage Program. The Conservation Easement provides additional protections to the adjacent Ralston Creek State Wildlife Area, nearby Golden Gate Canyon State Park, several Jefferson County Open Space properties, and other areas with high to very high biodiversity significance, including other Conservation Easements held by MALT.

With a Conservation Easement limiting future development to select sites, the wildlife habitat, natural plant communities and open space of the property are now protected for the benefit of current and future generations of residents and visitors, alike.