MALT Announces a Conservation Easement in Boulder County!

Rugby Conservation Easement meadow

MALT Announces a Conservation Easement in Boulder County!

The Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT) is pleased to announce the completion of a voluntary private Conservation Easement in Boulder County. Located 4 miles east of downtown Boulder along the major thoroughfare of Arapahoe Road, the 37.5 acre property is owned by Rugby Goes to the Dogs LLC.

The owner’s vision is to create and provide a prairie dog habitat, community garden and public rugby fields on this property. The Humane Society of the United States has confirmed that the natural grasslands will make excellent habitat for prairie dogs to be relocated from nearby construction areas. Black-tailed prairie dogs are an important link in the food chain and are common prey for owls, hawks, eagles, ferrets, and several other species. When prairie dogs are impacted by development, this site will provide the opportunity for relocation.

The Rugby Goes to the Dogs property is also identified by Colorado Parks and Wildlife as summer forage for bald eagles as well as a concentration area for Canada geese. The public recreation use area and rugby fields will add significant public benefit to the community. Jeanne Beaudry, MALT Executive Director, added “This project within the City of Boulder is a rare opportunity to combine wildlife conservation with recreation. We are grateful to Rugby Goes to the Dogs LLC for permanently protecting this unique property with a Conservation Easement.”

Since 1992, the Mountain Area Land Trust’s mission is to save natural areas, wildlife habitat, streams and rivers, working ranches and historic lands, for the benefit of the community and as a legacy for future generations. MALT has protected over 24,000 acres of Colorado land and water. MALT’s service area includes Boulder County, Clear Creek County, Gilpin County, Jefferson County, Park County and Teller County, Colorado.