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Together with you, we can leave a legacy for future generations.

Join MALT’s Legacy Council members in this effort.


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Legacy Council

Lifetime Legacy Founder

(Contribute $75,000 or more within 3 years)

Anonymous (3), Terry and Al Hershey, Cindy and David Higgins, Kathy Estes and Rod Morgan, Nadja Pisula-Litoff and Jim Pisula, The Ponzio Family

Legacy Founder

(Contribute $30,000 or more within 3 years)

Anonymous (1), Candy Allen and Bob Woodward, Shirley and Tom Gibson, Katey Greene and John McBride Greene

Legacy Leader

(Contribute $10,000-$29,000 per year)

Kathryn Harrison, Joanne and John Kirby, Carolyn Knapp Nelson and Dave Nelson

Legacy Conservator

(Contribute $5,000-$9,999 per year)

Anonymous (7), Edye and Dave Bassett, Fenella and Bill Bedesem, Christine Blitz and Patrick Bixenman, Trudy and Jim Chiddix, Nikki and Ben Croce, Marci and Marty Dimas, Linda and Grayson Drexel, Susan Imming, Kevin Larson, Anne McLean and David Donaldson, Matt and Megan McClintock, Mollie Mitchell and John Wilson, Jonathan Mintz and Valerie Peterson, Gregory Penkowsky, Meryl and Pete Sabeff, Deb and Dan Suitor, Marion and Jeff Wells, The Martin Zinn Family

Legacy Partner

(Contribute $1,500-$4,999 per year)

Anonymous (5), Roxane and Bruce Anderson, Sally and Jim Ball, Janet and Kurt Ballantyne, Wendi and Brian Ballard,  Paul Briggs and Judith O’Connor, Nancy Lyons Butler, Suzanne Cannon, Michael and Cheri Cappello, Kim and Ronald Carter, Katie and Lau Christensen, Andrea and Ken Cohen, Jennifer Corbet and Randy Hickenbottom, Maryann Croce, Sue and Tim Damour, Kathy Danhour and Tom Gray, Liz and Jeff Danter, Nan Davis, Patty and Ken DeLucas, Laurie and Bob Dolian, Amy and Kevin Drost, Ken and Stacy Drost, Denise and Mark Duffy, Susan Eagle, Pandora and John Erlandson, Debbie and John Ford, Robert Gambrel, Lisa and Chris Herring, Tandy and Peter Jones, Nancy and Bob Judge, Julie and Casey Kaptur, Todd and Tish Landrum, Barbara Ann and David Lange, Sarah Lewis, Judith and Bryan McCulley, Maureen McDevitt, Jerry Mertz, Ute and Patrick Meyer, Elly Miller and Lyle Wood, Beth Moran and Chris Peterson, Virginia and Rick Morgan, Dee Dee and Bob Ostertag, Mary and Don Parker, Carol Phelps, Jeannie Powers Mann, Marcie and Koger Propst, Debbie and Leland Sandler, Nancy and Cleve Schenck, Wilbur Smith, Katie and Matt Sterk, Lark and Brett Stewart, Lisa and Mark Stormberg, Sweeneys Share the Love Foundation, Jeff and Tatiana Tanenbaum, Janice Tang, Catherine and Peter Thompson, VADM Richard and Colleen Truly, Amy and Keith Van Horn, Charlotte and Phil Vigeant, Sandy Chelist and Phil Waters, Jean and Clarence Waters, Lori Weigel, Sandy and Doug Williams, Nancy Williams and Jim Casebolt