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Legacy Council

The Legacy Council is an engaged community of donors who have stepped up to take a leadership role in conserving a legacy of land, rivers, streams and stunning mountain vistas.

As MALT plans ahead for a strong future of conservation in the mountain area from Denver to the Continental Divide, it relies on a leadership group of donors who wish to create a legacy of conservation for our mountain community, and provide MALT the resources it needs to lead conservation efforts. MALT’s ability to predict and rely on financial resources to enact these efforts in the coming years is essential.

Together with you, we can leave a legacy for future generations.

Legacy Council Membership Levels:

Lifetime Legacy Founder: Donate $25,000 or more per year for 3 years

Legacy Founder:                Donate $10,000 or more per year for 3 years

Legacy Leader:                   Donate $10,000 or more annually

Legacy Conservator:         Donate $5,000 - $9,999 annually

Legacy Partner:                  Donate $1,500 - $4,999 annually

Legacy Council Members will be invited to a special Legacy Council annual gathering and other conservation leadership opportunities.

Call or email Lynn today to discuss your membership in the Legacy Council! 303-679-0950 or [email protected]

*Note: Levels are based on a cumulative total of gifts donated throughout the calendar year for which no goods or services are received. Planned and in-kind gifts are recognized separately.