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Our Alumni Council

David Higgins, Chair

Ginny Ades

Hank Alderfer

Leslie Armstrong

Brian Ballard

Sylvia Brockner

Bob Cardwell

Allan Casey

Linda Dahl

Jim Davis

Candy Decker

Karin Downes

Eileen Fagan

Charlie Farrell

Sharon Foster

Diane Gansauer

Cheri Gerou

John McBride Greene

Curt Harris

BC Jacoby

Tandy Jones

Casey Kaptur

Catherine Keske, Ph.D.

Linda Kirkpatrick

George Krauss

Meg Leonard

Amy Mason

Barb McEahern

Jonathan Moore

Mimi Nelson

Bill Noonan

Jim Petterson

Dan Pike

Jim Robinson

Linda Rockwell

Kevin Ruble

Ted Schaal

Cleve Schenck

Dick Schulte

Dave Scruby

Susan Shermack

Doug Spencer

Jack Swift

Janice Tang

Nancy Tyler

Greg Vallin

Suzanne van Hall

Fred Wells

Jeff Wells

William Whitfield

Scott Winget

Frank Young