2,000-Acres Conserved Surrounding Mount Tom

Mount Tom

2,000-Acres Conserved Surrounding Mount Tom

Mount Tom Conservation Corridor is a multi-partner effort that conserves 2,000 acres on and around the summit of Mount Tom (9,741’) near Golden Gate Canyon State Park. This area serves as a vital wildlife habitat and migration corridor that includes the headwaters of Van Bibber Creek, a highly scenic and visible landscape and important lady beetle habitat.

Conservation efforts first started in 2018 when Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT) helped the Cappello family place a 400-acre Conservation Easement on their private property. Since this time, several conservation groups have expressed interest in further conserving the surrounding beautiful landscape with the desire to secure public access to the peak of Mount Tom for all Coloradans and visitors to enjoy.

After extensive research, it was determined the Cappello property served as a viable route to the Peak. Through a MALT introduction, project partners contacted the Cappello’s to share their vision for the area and discuss what it would take to accomplish this effort. In turn, the Cappello’s introduced their neighbors to the group. Collectively, they shared a similar vision that included permanently conserving thousands of acres.

Over several months, MALT listened, facilitated and collaborated with project partners to amend and restate the existing Conservation Easement to allow future public access, while ensuring the original intent of saving the land for the betterment of natural areas and wildlife.

“This project has been several years in the making and highlights the role various organizations and partnerships can play in making a large-scale project happen for the benefit of all Coloradans,” MALT Executive Director Jeanne Beaudry said.

Earlier this week, the transfer of 2,000 private acres to Jefferson County Open Space and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) was completed thanks to several partners working together.

“We are delighted and grateful to be a part of this incredible conservation partnership between multiple private landowners, our friends at CPW, Great Outdoors Colorado, MALT and The Conservation Fund. Without all of us working together, this impressive conservation effort and legacy would not be possible,” Director of Jefferson County Open Space Tom Hoby said.

Additional partners include Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Colorado Mountain Club and Golden Gate Canyon State Park.

“This was a truly collaborative effort, and The Conservation Fund appreciates the partnership with MALT,” says Justin Spring, Colorado State Director and Southwest Regional Director at The Conservation Fund.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments about this unique public project!