MALT Announces Next Executive Director

MALT Executive Director Lynn Caligiuri hiking a nature trail.

MALT Announces Next Executive Director

With the upcoming retirement of Mountain Area Land Trust’s (MALT) long-time Executive Director Jeanne Beaudry, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce Lynn Caligiuri will transition into this leadership role on May 1.

For the past eight years, Lynn has served as MALT’s Development Director where she has substantially fostered and grown MALT’s philanthropic efforts.

Lynn has successfully developed relationships with foundations, public and private agencies, hundreds of individuals and staff. She can often be found on trails hiking and educating supporters about MALT’s history and latest projects. Lynn has been vital to the success of MALT’s only annual public fundraiser, “A Night In the Park”, which celebrates land and water conservation and the organization’s mission.

“Our Board has so much respect and admiration for Lynn and are confident she has the skills and passion to continue MALT’s mission,” MALT Board President Patrick Meyer said. “We are thrilled to see Lynn shape the next chapter of MALT’s legacy of saving the land for generations to come.”

Prior to joining MALT, Lynn dedicated her career to working with people and organizations passionate about conservation. She served for two decades as Campaign Finance Director for two U.S. members of Congress, and numerous state, county and local political leaders. Lynn also served as the outreach coordinator for Queen Anne’s Conservation Association (QACA) in Centreville, MD where she managed donor outreach, communications, budgets, finance and advocacy.

While Lynn herself grew up and raised her family on the east coast, she, her husband and two children moved to Colorado in 2014 to enjoy the great outdoors. Lynn is an avid hiker, camper, loves the outdoors and enjoys spending her free time exploring the wonders of the Rocky Mountains.

We look forward to the next chapter with Lynn at the helm.


MALT Board of Directors | Patrick J. Meyer (President), Sue Dorsey (President-Elect), Nikki Croce (Secretary), Bob Ostertag (Treasurer), Pandora Erlandson (Past-President), Kevin Larson (At-Large), Bruce Anderson, Jim Chiddix, Jeff Danter, Kevin Drost, Susan Eagle, Tom Gibson, Maureen McDevitt, Anne McLean, Elly Miller, Rod Morgan, Nadja Pisula-Litoff

A Few Words From Lynn

“One of my favorite pastimes is getting outdoors. Every time I walk in our beautiful open spaces I feel like I am experiencing a new national park. I am incredibly fortunate to live in this wonderful state and feel I have a personal responsibility to protect it. When I came to Colorado nine years ago, I never dreamed I would have the good fortune to find an opportunity with an organization that so perfectly aligned with my personal interests, passions and professional strengths. I am honored to continue the legacy that MALT’s founders, leaders and Jeanne have grown and cultivated for the past 31 years. I look forward to continuing the vital work of protecting the places that benefit our community, our precious natural resources and wildlife.”